The Bitterroot Valley is located in southwestern Montana. The area is that part of the western boundary of Montana that looks like a face on the map – specifically, the nose on the face. Flanked by the Rocky Mountains and Continental Divide to the east and the Bitterroot Mountain Range to the west, the Bitterroot is a lush valley with a freestone trout river running north through the middle of it. The spectacular scenery, mild mountain climate, and friendly small western communities define the area.

Getting here is easy with the (MSO) Missoula International airport just 40 minutes from just about anywhere. The 40,000 residents come from all walks of life and varied lifestyles. Land use ranges from neighborhoods to small ranches to large land holdings protected by conservation. With 1,850 square miles of public forest lands, there is no shortage of “space”. The County seat of Hamilton offers medical services at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital with its new ICU and Birthing Center. Missoula medical facilities are well known for excellence in health care.

The new Bitterroot College of the University of Montana offers expanding knowledge and preparation for opportunity. Principle industries include agriculture, log home construction, and entrepreneurial businesses.

Recreation includes hundreds of miles of trails for hiking and horseback riding, fishing in trout streams, boating and hunting. Skiing at Lost Trail Powder Mountain is uncrowded with some of the best snow in the west.

The Bitterroot Valley has a dry climate and an average low humidity factor with an average rainfall of 13.3 inches per year. Whether you are seeking tall pines on the western slopes of the Valley or lush irrigated pastures on the eastern foothills of the Sapphire Mountains, the land parcels some of the best in the west. The territorial views and cool evenings define the day. Growing season is Zone 5 to 6.

The best parts of the Valley are the friendly residents and the simplicity of the lifestyle. Whitetail deer, bald eagles flying above the river, and mountain sunsets are just an added bonus.